The process of microdermabrasion involves the spraying of finely ground microdermabrasion crystals (sand-like particles / aluminum oxide typically) on to the surface of the skin in order to gently abrade and peel away the old skin and exfoliate all the dead cells. This results in a cleaner fresher and younger skin on the surface which many patients have described as a sheer reversal of aging. In this entire process, the knowledge of the small particles that help you regain your youth is at a minimum and that’s what we will concentrate on addressing.

Most such processes with microdermabrasion crystals use one form of aluminum oxide or the other as the abrading material so this article will focus on just that. Aluminum oxide chemical formula Al2O3 is a recommended substance for this procedure and is cleared for non-toxicity due to accidental ingestion and doesn’t provoke any harmful side effects or surface skin reactions. Before the start of any microdermabrasion crystals procedure, care is taken to ensure that this aluminum oxide is high on purity from unwanted particles for example silica which is present in the source. The purification process is enabled through a technical rigorous procedure of melting and re-crystallizing the native aluminum oxide.

While the inhalation of microdermabrasion crystals such as aluminum oxide by itself does not have adverse biological reactions in the body, the introduction of any particulate matter in the lungs could possibly cause a breathing impairment, nasal irritation and induced coughing. Therefore before you undergo this treatment, make sure that your medical practitioner takes care to sufficiently cover your nostrils and eyes before starting the procedure. Microdermabrasion crystals thus when used carefully can bring immense benefits to the human body than any negative reaction that could possibly have you in two minds about the treatment.

Keep in mind that this knowledge of microdermabrasion crystals is just so that you are aware of what you go through. The technique itself is very clean and there is almost no instance of residual particulate matter left on the skin. Summarily, we would just like to say, that if you find yourself suitable for undergoing this treatment, just go ahead and take one more step closer to the heydays of your youth!