No one has excellent lips through their life time. As we grow more mature, our lips can commence to eliminate their plumpness, but this misplaced quantity can easily be restored with dermal filler treatment.

A lip augmentation can effortlessly be presented if you’re disheartened by a gradual loss in volume, possibly you would like a superior form, or you want a far more outlined border a beauty cure using a tiny amount of filler can promptly rectify all your worries.

Dermal filler injected into the lips will assist them to appear fuller by raising the quantity, which will make them search larger and plumper.

Lip augmentation will:

Lip augmentation is one of the most well-known treatment plans at cosmetic clinics. It works to sleek out the wonderful lines and wrinkles all over the mouth space and to shape and incorporate quantity to the lips, all encouraging to produce the fantastic total glimpse to boost your facial attributes.


Mouth and lip traces

Undefined lips

Slim lips


Lip augmentation is a rapidly technique with pretty much no downtime. Any side outcomes this sort of as swelling, bruising or redness are temporary and will resolve within just a couple times and any lumps or bumps can easily be gently massaged out and will settle within a few of days. Just after filler therapy, keep your lips moisturised and use a moisturising sunshine block.